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Competitive Separation™

Competitive separation is a unique, proven approach that separates you from other job candidates.  These tools shorten the time it takes you to find your next job.   Clients find competitive separation helpful because they haven't interviewed in years, are struggling to write their resume or have a poor LinkedIn presence.     

One Success Story

We recently worked with a mid-level business professsional who was very pessimistic that he needed help.  Once he made an investment in himself he earned a higher level position than he was seeking.  His response? 

"The team that interviewed me and my new boss was overly impressed with how well-rounded my skills, confidence and tools were throughout the whole process.  On paper I was an even match with the other candidates.  And I was really nervous going in.  But my boss told me after I was hired how unique the hiring team thought my approach was - from the first point of contact to accepting my offer letter.  I owe it all to Narrow Door.  Their coaching and assistant was the difference.  Now I'm your biggest fan!"  

Today's Job Market

Human Resource Departments look for job candidates that create a "wow" impression. You get one chance to showcase yourself.   Everything you say and do has an impact on their decision.  We want you to nail those interviews and engagements.  Our solutions help build your confidence and capabilities to create the "wow factor" home earning you the job!